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Coaching vs. Therapy

Many people have asked me what the difference is between therapy and coaching. I think that is an important question and it's something I wondered at the beginning of my coaching journey. At different times during your life, you may find that you would benefit from either therapy, coaching, or a mix of the two. Both therapy and coaching can be solution-oriented and both address thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Therapy can help people who have a diagnosed mental or emotional illness that requires the assistance of a licensed mental health or medical professional. People who are really struggling to deal with the actions of everyday living and are severely depressed, or anxious and having difficulty functioning are best served by therapy. If you are in an abusive relationship and need help processing that trauma and finding safety, therapy is the right call. If you are struggling with the will to live, that calls for therapeutic intervention, not coaching. Therapy is offered by licensed professionals and is regulated by the state in which the therapist practices.

Coaching helps people who are functional in their everyday lives, but want to feel better or achieve more. I have heard it said that coaching helps you go from good to great. Coaches are not licensed in any state, so they can actually work with anyone anywhere in the world. Coaches are not required to have any type of certification, but many do.

I am certified by The Life Coach School and took a six month class and a test to obtain my certification. No rules anywhere said that I had to do that, but education is important to me and continuing to learn is one of the values I bring to coaching. I want to be able to give my clients the best coaching possible, and for me, that means I want to train with the best and keep learning as I go.

There are life coaches who work with people on just about anything they want to improve. I know a coach who works with clients to improve their leadership skills in Fortune 500 companies and another who helps Christian women find Christian husbands. If you have a problem, I have no doubt that there is a life coach out there who can help you with it. There are career coaches, weight-loss coaches, grief coaches; the list is really limitless.

If you have been following me, you know that my area of coaching, or niche, is parents of LGBTQIA children. I chose this area to focus on because I have seen so much unnecessary pain and struggle in this cohort of people and I know that I can help them go from feeling fear, grief, and uncertainty to confidence and pure love for their children. I want every parent of a gay, trans or non-binary kid to be able to access the same feelings that I have for my son.

If you are challenged by negative thoughts and feelings about your child’s gender or sexual orientation, are really sad about it and stuck in grief, I can help you feel better. If you are feeling ok with it, but find yourself on a rollercoaster of worry I can help you handle that too. If you are facing negative blowback from friends or family members , I 've got your back. Send me an email or sign up for a discovery call on my website. It’s quick and it’s free, and the transformation is remarkable!

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