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I Will Hold the Light

At this time of year, I spend a lot of time thinking about light. At the beginning of December, I am craving daylight and longing for the solstice.

Things seem so much brighter with that incremental increase in daylight that we get day by day as December comes to a close and January looms. For me, it's like all of a sudden a switch is turned on. That it is still light out when the work day ends makes me feel like celebrating!

Even as I am yearning for more light in my own life, I know that the darkness has to be experienced too. Light has no meaning without darkness.

As a coach, I can hold the light for other people who may be searching for it and not finding it in their everyday lives. I found coaching to be a light in the darkness. Let me help you find your light.

Here's to a New Year filled with Health and Peace for all of us.

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